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3-6 June 2019 • Vancouver, Canada
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Thursday 6 June

10:15 am - 10:30 am PST

Youth Zone Reflections

Youth Zone attendees will circle back on Kickoff goals for WD2019.

Youth Zone
10:30 am - 11:45 am PST

Youth Consultations: Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health through Research

Sponsored by: Girl Effect Interested in shaping research related to youth's sexual and reproductive health, digital technology, and advocacy? TEGA (Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors) is Girl Effect's girl-led insights research methodology. TEGAs are…

Youth Zone
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm PST

Lunch Performance

During the last lunch hour of the conference, Youth Zone attendees can enjoy a live performance from a special guest.

Youth Zone
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm PST

Farewell Friends! Youth Zone Send-Off

It’s so hard to say goodbye! Join us to close out a fantastic Youth Zone experience before the launch of the closing plenary.

Youth Zone

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